I had two wisdom teeth extracted yesterday

Had my two upper wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. Was really nervous about the procedure because I had never been “under” any type of anesthesia before. Thankfully they gave me 5mg of Valium to take 45 min before my surgery, indeed it did take the edge off, almost like having a glass of wine. (wish they had Valium dispensing machines scattered around, could use one now and again, you know how life is) Despite taking the Valium I was still slightly apprehensive, although surprisingly my blood pressure had dropped into a more normal range, instead of sky high like it was during my initial consult, so the sedative effects did have a physical effect on my body ( and mind ).

So there I was, in the chair, laying back, all of the initial prep was done, such as laying their tools on me like a human table, putting a hair cap on me, a blood pressure cuff, oxygen monitor on my finger, a heart monitor, a stethoscope on my throat, an oxygen mask for the nose, and of all things, lip balm. Now it was time for them to insert the i.v.

Drum roll please —

(This is really the moment I had been waiting for)

The i.v. went in, but I did not sleep right away, which I found odd. I assume they release the anesthesia when they are good and ready. Next they inserted this rubber piece in my mouth to keep it open….then… I was out. No drowsiness, no sleepiness, no warning of any kind, I just plain went out. Weird. I might not have been completely out, I could hear some noise and see some lights or objects, maybe I was dreaming, maybe I was hallucinating, but one thing is for sure, I could not feel anything. Nothing. Good.

I woke up in an instant. No tiredness, no grogginess, no nausea, but maybe a slight visual impairment that lasted a few minutes. All of the instruments and other various attachments had been removed from me while i was still out, my shirt was even tucked back in, hmmm. There was only one remaining staff member in the room, the others left the room while I was still under anesthesia, apparently.

Very interesting to say the least, it certainly was not a traumatic experience, and this is coming from a nervous wreck of a person.

There was no residual drowsiness. Heck, I could have done it on my lunch break. The dental office called me an hour later at home to check up on me. She asked if the numbness has faded. I surprised her quite a bit when I told her there was no numbness whatsoever and that I never had numbness. She was taken aback. I guess everyone is different? I did not even bother with replacing the gauze as they instructed. Bleeding was minimal anyway, and stopped after maybe 6 hours.

Now, as far as pain goes, I just have slight jaw discomfort, but it is minimal. Believe it or not I have not taken any pain killers, nothing. The toughest part so far has been food restriction, you know, jello, pudding and apple sauce.
Well, the above was all day one. Today is day two.

Woke up with a slight metallic taste. Still slight jaw pain, but no big deal. I did make myself a cup of hot tea, but had to let it cool down a bit. Hot liquids might not be good for the newly formed blood clots, or so I hear. I plan on having some regular food today, like warm pasta, maybe a poached egg.

They say day three is the worst when it comes to swelling, we’ll see.

This does bring up an interesting issue that I’ve had for years. Do wisdom teeth really need to come out if they’re not bothering you? I get mixed thoughts on Google searches — And I’m the type to be a little suspicious of dentists, but that’s me, maybe I’m a bit paranoid, or just a careful consumer?

What prompted this extraction in the first place? Well, let me go back to 2009 during a routine examination. The dentist told me I had a small cavity in my wisdom tooth. He said I should just have it pulled instead of filling it, and that his “buddy” can do it. This guy has been after my wisdom teeth for 10 years it seems, was unsure if he was pulling my leg or not. I then decided to shrug it off, thinking he was just wanting to give his oral surgeon “buddy” some extra business, and I figured I could go awhile with this “small cavity” in this unimportant tooth.

Fast forward two years to 2011. I woke up during the night with severe tooth pain, about 8 on the pain scale. The pain was not in my wisdom tooth though, but more in the front part of my mouth, referred pain? I decided to make an immediate appointment even though the pain was completely gone by morning. Better safe than sorry?

During the exam my dentist said my wisdom tooth was cracked and decaying. It had to come out. You can’t leave a decaying tooth in your mouth. I made an immediate appointment with an oral surgeon. I then took this situation seriously.

The surgeon let me keep my two wisdom teeth, I’ve got them in this sealed bag. Yup, you can see the crack and the massive decay, and even the cavity. Yikes. The decay looks bad, i mean bad, I’m glad they yanked it out. This is prompting me to keep up with regular visits, even though they tell me my teeth are abnormally strong and healthy. I rarely get cavities, but my teeth are not invincible apparently.

Well, no more wisdom teeth. Done deal. History.

Ok, decided to put up a picture of my two extracted teeth. You can see the obvious decay on the tooth to the left, and the tooth to the right was an anomaly, a small second tooth growing out of the main tooth.

Sorry if this ranks up high on the TMI scale.



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