Vapor trails

Top of the morning to you.

Grabbed my camera and poked my head out into the chilly morning air. Snapped this image of an aircraft and it’s contrail / vapor trail. I started to wonder what type of aircraft this was, I mean it was hauling ass across the sky, within a few minutes it was gone from sight.


I got the idea to click on my WolframAlpha app and type in “flights overhead”, and yes this app will tell you what is actually flying the friendly skies overhead.

The results are as follows:


I then Googled an image of one of the listed aircraft, the Canadair Regional Jet 200, a 50 passenger aircraft with a cruise speed of 500+ mph.


The next one Googled is the Embraer EMB 120 Brasila, a 30 passenger plane with a 378 mph cruise speed.


Perhaps a Boeing 737-700 with a cruising speed of 514 and a seating capacity around 140.


Not sure what is really was, but the research was interesting. If you’re an aviation nut, feel free to chime in.


About My iPad and I

Me, my iPad and I, as well as my pocket camera, sometimes my Canon 40D, and usually with my wife in tow. I take pictures of things that interest me, such as cool cars, sunsets, flowers, and occasionally a simple restaurant review.
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One Response to Vapor trails

  1. freebirdmani says:

    Absolutely intersting find, I liked the thought. Especially with me living in London, I will be baffled to figure out how many are over my head.
    They are about every minute upto 5 flights. 🙂

    Thanks for your visit too.

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