The plain white paper cup

The plain white paper cup, such a familiar sight, a commonplace item in our daily on the go frenzied lives.

Plain white cup

Why did I take a picture of this cup? I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure it out. I hope what I’m about to say won’t seem too bizarre or disjointed.

My chai tea loving daughter brought this cup home about a week ago. This cup has been sitting around ever since. She never threw it out, (as she never cleans up after herself) and my wife never tossed it out either. Which leaves me.

Day after day this cup just sat there, invisible to others, but quite visible to me. Every time I strolled by, I would take a moment to look at it, I mean, I would actually stop and stare at it for a few seconds. Sure, I could have thrown it out, but the sight of this cup really appealed to me on some level that I can’t quite figure out.

Today I stopped and looked at it once more, appreciating the utter simplicity of it. No logos, no pithy quotes, no advertisements, just plain white, sterile, and totally recyclable. (If Apple designed a cup, it might look like this) I think it appeals to my minimalist – function / utilitarian -over fashion nature.

Also this cup sparked memories of my grandfather, who has been gone now for 28 years. When he went to work he took a thermos of coffee conveniently carried in a well used all metal lunch pail. (quite ecologically sound by the way – no paper cups, no paper lunch bags) We’re talking good old fashioned American coffee in a can, Hills Brothers, brewed in an all metal stove top percolator, made to last forever and a day. (I can’t tell you how many Mr Coffee makers I’ve been through) Then off he’d go to work in that purple Ford pick up truck, with his lunch pail, thermos, pack of zig zags and his faithful Zippo.


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